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Tailored Rooms Blue Label  A new concept in accessible Interior Design. 

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Interiors that bring Joy and Style to your Home

Making a room fully accessible is the best approach when futureproofing a Kitchen or Bathroom. Factoring in rise and fall counters will allow the height of a surface to be adjusted. adhering to regulation turning room in a wet room shower gives extra space for a wheelchair while costing future, like textured handgrips, will benefit the visually impaired. This is very practical; however, we take a holistic approach to the home.

This holistic approach includes all areas, outside and in as well as those extras that make your home a reflection of you! From the easily grabbed door handle to the raised flower bed to the assist for a sofa to the color of your soft furnishing

Design your accessible home with our team of experts.

We offer Virtual or face-to-face interior design services focused on special solutions to make your new home more accessible for now and for the future.

Accessible Home Design

Smart Home Set-Up

Accessible Kitchens

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible Gardens

Book your free consultation today!

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